Top 9 Hilarious Sex Memes

I love a good meme, don’t you?

What I love about sexting forum sites like Twitter especially is that more and more memes are getting dirty, but in such a delightful way. Idk about you but sometimes it’s shocking to scroll down your feed and see straight up porn or someone describing something sexual in super graphic detail, but a sexual meme will make my day.

You get all the fun of the dirty jokes and nudes without the danger of someone looking over your shoulder and being mortified at what you’re looking at in public – or worse, at work!

There’s also even an argument that our thirsty ass memes can be healthy because they open up a conversation about sex! And god knows we need that in our puritan-ass country…

Anyway, here are some of my favorite sex memes that I’ve seen this week that I can’t stop laughing about:

Fucking like hamsters…

There’s a reason that pet stores separate hamsters by gender… Those motherfuckers are nasty. You think rabbits fuck like crazy; you should see what happens when you accidentally put two hamsters of the opposite sex in the same cage… spoiler alert: you get endless baby hamsters.

But this meme takes those sex-crazed animals and makes them look so god damn cute… look how happy and wholesome he looks in that little bowl… and think about how happy you’d be in the situation the picture is describing.

Respectfully dirty

Ya know, it’s hard to make sure that you don’t come across as a creep when you’re thirsting online. You can’t really roll into someone’s DM’s asking to fuck without looking like a total perv.

Instead, use this meme to break the ice! Personally, I love a little humor. And isn’t that one of the things most people look for? Someone who can make them laugh? Even if you’re just looking for a one night stand if you send this meme, you’ll def get a chance because they’ll know that you’ll make them cum and laugh all in one night!


The word yeehaw is hilarious. What does yeehaw really mean? Does anyone know?

Either way, this is another great meme you could use to break the ice with someone or let your S.O. know that you want to fuck tonight.

Daddy Jokes

I almost shot water out of my nose when I saw this. I honestly wonder what would happen if anyone pulled this while having sex. I don’t think I’m brave enough to do it, but if someone is, please let me know what happens.

A different kind of drug dealer

Could you imagine if these guys thought they were stealing some other kind of drugs and ended up with boners that lasted more than 4 hours?

Or maybe Viagra has a high street value… someone let me know, haha!

Interview or casting?

If your girl ever sends you a pic like this go stop her from getting into porn. Or, if you’re into that, congratulate her on her debut!

Nude requirements

I don’t know about you, but I ask myself these questions every time before I send a Nude.

WTF is going on in isle 15?

Idk what’s going down on isle 15, but I’ll try anything once…

Hoe life, the best life

Post this meme after a break up and watch all thirsty DM’s roll in.