5 Rules You Need To Know For Having Fuck Buddies

If you’re in a fuck buddy relationship, or looking for fuck buddies, then there are some rules that will make your experience better. I’ve learned these over the years and have shared them with many of my friends who had no idea what to expect out of a fuck buddy relationship.

1. A fuck buddy is not an exclusive partner. Don’t get all excited if someone tells you they only want to be fuck buddies and keep it casual, because it means one thing: They don’t want anything more serious than sex. Not every guy wants a relationship. Not every woman does either. If he doesn’t like you enough to commit, then just say thank you for the great sex. The fact that he was willing to sleep with you should tell you a lot about whether or not this person has any long-term potential.

2. Be honest from the beginning. This goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. It’s important to be up front with each other right away — whether you have slept together before or not. No one likes being lied to.

3. Communicate. When you first meet, find out what they’re looking for in terms of relationship status, especially when you’re using a Fuckbook for older women to find a milf fuck. Ask how often they’d like to see each other. As much as possible, try to meet their expectations.

4. Don’t assume anything. If you’re going to take the time to talk to someone and go on dates, then you need to communicate your feelings. Tell him what you want. Tell her what you want. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. Just keep things clear and upfront.

5. Be respectful. Treat each other how you would treat any other friend. Don’t get all crazy when you fuck. It’s fine to be a little bit wild sometimes, but keep it under control.

The best way to ensure a good fuck buddy relationship is to always remember that this isn’t a real relationship. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make something happen that won’t. Enjoy the sex.