Top 5 Memes of All Time

Every month a new meme seems to surface on the Internet, but there are those that started the trend and will forever be a classic. They’re the type of memes that you can show to anyone, and they’ll always know what it’s about, unlike some of the newer ones where it can get hard to keep up, and they need explaining.

It’s been a long road for memes, but do you remember the ones that started it all? Here are five of the best memes of all time, not just of the month.

The Rickroll

Starting off with the OG, the Rickroll is a “bait-and-switch” meme that became popular by people providing a link to something that is supposed to be relevant to what you’re discussing, but instead leads to a music video of Rick Astley’s 80’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” People got even more clever and began to embed the video in other videos, playing after the person started watching the video that was supposed to be something completely different.


Probably the thing that first comes to mind when thinking about memes is the iconic Trollface that gained popularity through Redditors and rage comics, which are those short comics using characters that you’ve probably seen before, such as the “TROLOLOLOL” face and the “Derp” face. It’s an image of drawing of a face that looks like it’s about to let out the most condescending, tear-inducing laughter.

Double Rainbow

A tender moment in the history of YouTube was back in 2010 when this video of a man recording a double rainbow near Yosemite National Park surfaced and spread like wildfire. People went crazy over this video due to the fact that the guy filming behind the camera was freaking out at the sight of a double rainbow, to the point of him bursting in tears. An iconic line from the video is the guy, named “Bear,” yelling out “What does it mean?!?!” The video was unnoticed for many months, up until Jimmy Kimmel featured it on his show. The video was later featured in a Microsoft commercial advertising the Windows Live Photo


No one calls dogs “dogs” on the Internet anymore – they’re doges.

This meme started from a picture of the original doge; a golden Shiba Inus. The doge was in a side-eyed position, and was often accompanied by white text or captions saying things like “wow,” “much [adjective],” or “very [noun].” The reason they were typed this way was to resemble the simple thought process of dogs, or should I say, doges.

Bad Luck Brian

Everyone and their mother has seen this meme; you know the one – the bad school yearbook photo of a blonde, red-faced kid with a huge, brace-face smile in a plaid sweater vest. I know that’s really descriptive, but now that I’ve said it you know what I’m talking about, right?

Bad Luck Brian took over the Internet with its captions depicting embarrassing, tragic, or just plain unlucky situations. For example, people would type things like “Trying to stealthily fart in class,” followed by “Shits.” There are many combinations possible of unlucky situations that makes this meme so funny.