9 of the Funniest Memes about Donald Trump

Regardless of how you feel about the current administration and having Trump as our fearless leader, I think we all can agree that the memes that have come out of this presidency are some of the best work the online trolls have done to date.

It seems that everything this man does is meme-worthy, which might mean bad things for our country but it sure does make good comedy. At the very least we should be able to laugh at what’s going on in our political system, right?

While Trump is out there killing the “69. Nice” meme and using some of his own memes to troll democrats, we keep churning out Trump centered memes. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Maybe he’s born with it…

Much like Regina George’s hair, Trump’s hair – or should I say “hair”- is full of secrets. Who knows what that monstrosity is actually made of. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was corn silk, the resemblance is indeed uncanny.

My theory is that it’s some sort of clip in extension – definitely not Brazillian hair though. Any thoughts?

Finally, we know the meaning of Covfefe

I – like most of you out there – have long wondered what the true meaning of coffee is. Now, this definition may be true – the part about his hands most certainly makes it a possibility – however, there may be a deeper meaning to this word… only Trump may know the truth.

Trump’s cabinet

To be completely honest with you, I think this is how the decisions get made in the white house. I’m not sure if that’s his son or just a very tiny landscaper, but there’s a good chance that he gives sound political advice…

The truth about the inauguration crowd

The number of people in attendance at the 45th inauguration has been long debated since the fateful day. But based on this new evidence, Trump may have been right the entire time! Like Zebra, it’s hard to differentiate individual Klan members in a crowd because of their coats.

I guess we were wrong all along.

How’d that get there?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how those things got where they are today either.

Check that out!

After Trump’s meeting with Putin, it seems that he’s more interested in that country – or rather the presidant of that country – than the one he’s currently leading.

Speaking of Putin…

Honestly, I think that this picture is the only photo better than the one of Putin on the horse. I wouldn’t mind owning a tiny version of that Trump balloon either.

So many berders!

Since the chefs at the White House weren’t working during the shutdown, Trump made due by buying that many burgers. I wonder if he uses Postmates or Uber Eats.

Berders and Covfefe

I’ve got to say that I’m a huge fan of Trump’s tiny hands – and or his penchant for neglecting to spell check anything – because these blunders are becoming such interesting parts of our modern day Lexicon. Maybe Hamberders will be the word of the year!