5 Unspken rules of having a fuck buddy [must read!!]

Casual dating has basically become synonymous with dating in the 21st century. Nothing is ever serious or anything, but a casual fuck buddy.  Unless you’ve explicitly sat down and announced to the other that you’re trying to find a serious relationship, it’s almost always assumed that everything is casual.
And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Those of us who are emotional might have a difficult time holding off the emotions when casually banging someone, and those of us who are less emotional might have a difficult time understanding what kind of communication is expected in this kind of arrangement (yes, you do have to communicate with your fuck buddy).

Here are some unspoken rules for having a fuck buddy:

1. Keep it casual

You’re casually dating remember? So, don’t make things anything but casual. This means no dates other than Netflix and Chill (which we all know is just code for sex) or late-night excursions for pre/post-coital snacks.

You should limit your time around one another during the daytime. Sure, you can meet up at a bar, but I don’t recommend going out together (leaving together on the other hand is allowed).
Just don’t act like a couple!

2. Don’t spend the night

While it might be tempting to drift off after a seriously great romp in the sheets, you really should pull yourself out of that bed and go home. Why? Well, odds are if you’re actually sleeping together you’re going to develop some kind of feelings.

Sleeping in the same bed as someone is intimate, it’s like you’re building trust. Plus, too much cuddling might cause some butterflies to flutter up when you should be keeping this extremely causal.

I know it’s difficult but insist that you catch an Uber home or that your partner leave too. Maybe even preface your sex-sesh by saying that you have to get up early or that you need that person to go home so no one falsely assumes the other can spend the night.

3. Don’t pillow talk about feelings

I’m not going to tell you that you can’t participate in any amount of pillow talk, because that can be important to finding out what the other likes and doesn’t like in bed, but I’ll tell you that you should avoid talking about feelings.

If you’re going to talk about your day, don’t expect the other to console you in any other way aside from sexually.

As soon as you expect a certain amount of emotional support from the other is when things go wrong.

4. See other people, be honest about it

While you’re casually fucking someone you should know that you should be seeing other people. You can be seeing these other people in a serious capacity or a casual one, but you do need to let your partner know if you’re banging someone else so they can keep themselves safe sexually.

5. If and when you catch the feels, here’s what to do:

Catching feelings is a hazard that’s hard to avoid. So, I can basically guarantee that you’re going to catch feelings at some point. If you do, be honest. Maybe they’ve caught feelings too, but don’t get your hopes up. Be ready for rejection.

Or you could go the easy route and run away! Run far, far away from the feels!