George The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

George The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

George was a vacuum cleaner sales man. The kind that sells those super expensive vacuums that "supposedly" suck everything and anything possible.

He was on his last appointment of the day and was ahead of schedule so he thought he would take his time.

George knocked on the door and a very old lady opened the door and invited him in.

Everything about this lady reminded George of his grandma. George was lacking in manners and began to eat the peanuts that were in a bowl on the coffee table.

They continued talking until an hour had passed. Laughing and enjoying each others company.

After the hour had passed George just realized that he ate all the peanuts in the bowl. He felt that he had been soooooo rude and said, "Oh I am soooo sorry! I ate all of your peanuts."

The old lady had a surprised look on her face and then she said,

"Oh that is ok! I was only able to suck the chocolate off of them since I lost my dentures."

Written by Tracy - SuperLaugh.com

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