The Ever So Amazing Thermos

A Thermos Paradox!

My friend, Jethro, is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

While at the local Wal-Mart one day

he saw some cylindrical objects that intrigued him.

He inquired of a clerk as to what this object might be

and she told him that it was a thermos.

When he asked what it was good for she told him

that it kept hot things hot and cold things cold.

Jethro thought that this sounded like a marvelous idea and he bought one.

The next morning, as he was preparing to leave for work,

his wife saw the thermos and asked what it was.

"It's a thermos," said Jethro.

"What does it do?" she asked.

"It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold," replied Jethro.

"How wonderful," she cried, "What have you got in there?"

Jethro replied, "Two cups of coffee and a popsicle!"

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