Hilarious Books To Read This Summer

Hilarious Books To Read This Summer

The French Chef - by Sue Flay
Tight Situation - by Leah Tard
Unemployed - by Anita Job
Off to Market - by Tobias A. Pigg
I Lived in Detroit - by Helen Earth

Inflammation, Please - by Arthur Itis
Handel's Messiah - by Ollie Luyah
Downpour! - by Wayne Dwops
Cloning - by Ima Dubble
Irish Flooring - by Lynn O'Leum

Holmes Does it Again - by Scott Linyard
Home Alone IV - by Eddie Buddyhome
Neither a Borrower - by Nora Lender Bee
The Scent of a Man - by Jim Nasium
Is O. J. Guilty? - by Howard I. Know

Animal Illnesses - by Ann Thrax
French Overpopulation - by Francis Crowded
Fallen Underwear - by Lucy Lastic
House Construction - by Bill Jerome Home
Yellow River - by Iam Ping

Lewis Carroll - by Alison Wonderland
Leo Tolstoy - by Warren Peace
The L. A. Lakers Breakfast - by Kareem O' Wheat
Why Cars Stop - by M. T. Tank
Wind in the Willows - by Russell Ingleaves

Look Younger - by Fay Slift
Mountain Climbing - by Andover Hand
It's Springtime! - by Theresa Green
No! - by Kurt Reply
And Shut Up! - by Sid Downe
40 Yards to the Latrine - by Willy Makeit and Betty Wont

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