Sex Chat Funny Fails: I’m a sex chat addict

Hello there, dear reader. Now you might be thinking that this is impossible! A woman? Addicted to a sexy thing? How could it be!? But yes, reader, you are indeed reading the first-hand account of a total sex chat addict.
Because, believe it or not… the female libido isn’t a myth! I’m living proof it exists, in in this case it’s a wild one.
I’m a total child of the internet so I was chatting with stranger online via sites like Club Penguin before I had my driver’s license. But it wasn’t long after I entered high school that I discovered sites that were geared more toward teens and young adults with the same goal of Club Penguin.
I floated around sites like Meez and Zwinky (may they both rest in peace) before graduating to more anonymous sites like Omegle and more adult focused sites like IMVU or InstantChat.
Here’s my brief but 100% true tell all about how I got addicted to sexting online:
• ASL? Role? What?
When you start going on more anonymous sites people usually start conversations with the abbreviated question: ASL? This stands for age, sex, and location. I found that when I was honest about my answer (18, Female, USA), I was usually met with very flirty conversations.
I started to try to ask this question first before the other person because I wanted to see if I actually wanted to talk to them. I didn’t want to be catfished by someone adjusting their age to something I might like. I quickly learned how to spot the fakes.
But when I was very honest and wasn’t trying to troll my conversation partner and the flirtation rolled in, I was shocked at first! But then I started flirting back.
I started to notice when people asked what my role was. This, I came to find out, was in reference to bdsm! Soon I started answering that question with either “top/bottom” and believe me those sexts got kinky fast!
I was starting to very quickly understand how to navigate these sites and gain a need for online attention from these flirty strangers.
• Ah, the benefits of AP
It wasn’t long after my experimentation with Omegle that I graduated to the cam section. But when I wanted to lounge around without makeup on, I’d go on IMVU.
I noticed that there were some people with a badge that read AP… so I did some investigation and found that if you bought the pass and verified your age you could dress your avatar in and see others dressed in explicit outfits… I had to get it.
I quickly swindled some guy who wanted my attention into gifting it to me and after that I don’t think I left my room for days…
I was consumed by the fantasy of perfect men and perfect pixilated sex.
• Who needs real friends?
For a while I didn’t really socialize. Why would I need to when I had my internet friends (and several internet boyfriends)… I’ve toned it down as of late because actually having sex with real live people is kinda, sorta BETTER.
But there are days where I hide from my current boyfriend to go online and sext with strangers… because sometimes fantasy is more appealing than people.