The Ultimate Moron Test

The Moron Test

We've put together a simple list of questions for you to answer to determine if other people would consider you a moron. Please answer them all honestly. To begin just click the answer that is best suited to you underneath the question. Get Set, READY!... or should I give you time to reread that? ok... GO!

First things first, would you yourself consider yourself a moron?
Does your mom know you are a moron?
On any of the tests you've ever taken, have you ever passed with flying colors?
What is the common name for the Homo Sapius Moronus?
If I were to name a city after you what would it be?
Will scream at the forewarned sound that will come when you click that button?
If you figured out my point it doesnt matter which icon you pick... you could pick:
Of course, we're just joking around!
Hope you had fun with this!

Have some fun with your friends and get them to take the "Loser Test"!

Written by Tracy
© Copyright SuperLaugh.com

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