Levi Shuffle

I believed I have discovered a new dance,
it wasn't on purpose, it happened by chance.
While putting on my jeans, I had a real struggle,
so I thought I would call it the Levi Shuffle.

One hand grabs the dresser, or maybe the wall,
anything around you so you don't fall.
It's quite a show if you are the viewer,
but really risky if you are the doer.

Do the Levi Shuffle, be sure you don't fall,
be very careful, and don't dent the wall.
Make sure you grab something quite sturdy,
remember this dance wasn't meant to be dirty.

I never believed that while getting dressed,
I'd discover a dance, I must be blessed.
I finally managed to get my left leg in,
then while trying to finish, it started again.

I hopped and skipped, and jumped around the room,
it would have been handy, if I 'd had a broom,
to use as a crutch to keep me upright,
as I continued this dance until daylight.

So if you ever have to get up before dawn,
try this shuffle as you put your jeans on.
As you stumble around and you hop and skip,
watch out for that pant leg, or you'll probably trip.

Don't land on the dresser, the floor, or the bed,
just be real careful, and don't crack your head.

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