The Jesus Cloud

~ The Jesus Funnel Cloud ~

What you are looking at is a picture that was taken by a
Florida resident, of a funnel cloud during Florida's last tornado
season. It wiped out a tree that is also show in this photo.

The picture below it, has been slightly enlarged and it is the same, only it has been turned sideways so you can see the remarkable thing about it.

~ Original ~

~ Enlargement ~

~ You see God is all around us! ~

It's amazing that some people truly believe there is no God.
Yet, He shows us how awesome He is each and every day,
and this picture is but one of the many signs he gives us,
that we do not see as we hurry through each day.

If you did not see it, look again.
Keep looking, look all around you.
He is there, as He has always been.

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