Super Bushy Eyebrows

The World's Bushiest Eyebrows

This lady's little schnauzer dog has the world's bushiest eyebrows, so he's constantly bumping into fire plugs, trees, beer trucks, you name it. She takes him into the vet to get the hair trimmed out of his eyes so he can see where he's going.

The vet tells her that trimming a dog's eyebrows isn't a job for a doctor of veterinary medicine; she should do it herself--take the schnauzer to a dog trimmer, or perhaps use hair remover to do a more permanent job.

So, she goes into the drug store and asks the pharmacist for some hair remover.

He says, "This is our best depilatory. Use it full strength on legs and half strength on underarms."

She says, "But it's for my schnauzer."

"Then use it quarter-strength and don't ride a bicycle for two weeks."

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