You Forgot One Minor Detail

One Minor Detail

A man was complaining: Oh Lord, please have mercy on me, I work so hard; meanwhile my wife stays at home and hardly does anything. I would give anything if you would grant me one wish: "switch me into my wife" she's got it easy at home. I want to teach her a lesson of how tough a man' life is.

As God was listening he felt sorry for this should and granted his wish. Next morning the "new woman" wakes up at day, makes lunch boxes, prepares breakfast, wakes up the kids for school, puts a load of clothes in the washer, takes the meat out of the freezer,drives the kids to school. On his way back stops at the gas station, cashes a check, pays the electric and phone bills, picks up some clothes from the cleaners and quickly goes to the market. It was 1:00 o'clock already. He made the beds, took the clothes out of the washer and put another load in, he vacuumed the house and made some rice. He went to pick up the kids from school and an argument with the kids.

As soon as he got home he fed the kids washed the dirty dishes and hung the damp clothes he had washed on the chairs because it was raining outside.He helped the kids with their homework, watched some TV while he ironed some clothes, prepared dinner, he gave the kids a bath and put them to sleep.

At 9:00 pm he was so tired and he went to bed. Of course there was some more duties and somehow he managed to get them done and finally fell asleep.

The next morning he prays to God once again: Oh Lord, what was I thinking when I asked you to grant my wish, I can't take it anymore. I beg you please switch me back to myself, please, oh please. Then he heard God's voice speaking to him, saying: Dear son, of course I'll switch you back into yourself, but there's one minor detail:

You'll have to wait 9 months. Last night you got pregnant!

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