A Christmas Season Challenge

A Christmas Season Challenge

To all mankind, a challenge...

Is the reason for Christmas: Christ or Santa Claus?

Who does your children have visions about?

In whose existence do they really have doubts?

Do they believe in a man who promises gifts and toys,
Who knows all the names of the bad girls and boys?

Do they know the story of the prophetic virgin birth
or what Christ's coming meant to a truth-starved earth?

Ask them to tell you the story of Christ,
Of some of the miracles that was wrought through his life.

Then ask them about a man with a sleigh and reindeer.
To recite you the fiction they so often hear.

I'm sure they can tell you where Santa Claus lives
And about all the toys they say that he gives.

But can they tell you that Christ died for their sin?
How He no longer walks on earth, but now lives within?

When toys and presents will no longer suffice and
they face real problems in everyday life,

When your children despair and need a touch from on high...
And they really need Christ, to whom will they cry?

Then God asks this question and demands that you pause,
"Do they call unto ME, or to the myth Santa Claus?"

Merry Christmas

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