Where Does Christmas Come From?

Where Does Christmas Come From?

Christmas Does Not Come from A Store...

Bows and ribbons, colored paper and more
boxes and bangles..., all over the floor

ornaments and stockings, wreaths and blinking lights
glowing stars and angels twinkling throughout the nights...

piles of food and gifts, party dresses and drink
frantic shopping 'til midnight, more spending than we think...

Is this what Christmas is all about?
What is this all for?
Or is the Christmas spirit not available in any store...

This is the time of year of not bothering to measure
the material worth we have... only greatful for untouchable treasure;

Love can not be bought, nor found in any shopping mall.
I'd give up every purchased gift; I would gladly trade them all...

for you are a gift like no other, a treasure for which I have been blessed.
I wish for you this holiday season a full year of pure happiness!

Now please pass on this heartfelt message to those close to you...
Let them know how much you care and wish them happiness too.

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