The Birthday of Christ

The Birthday of Christ

The Lord was resting in a house
When His Birthday came again.
In celebration of His first,
The earth was remembering when
He was born beneath the star,
In a lowly stable then.

The high and mighty of the earth,
In pompous display of wealth,
Showered the Lord with trinkets of gold,
Mostly gained by stealth.
With benign air and ponderous pride
They wished Him the best of health.

The Lord of All regarded them
With eyes of sorrow and shame.
"It would please me mightily, for you
To remember and speak My Name.
To help all those truly in want
And do it for me, not fame.

"What need have I of money and jewels
When I have the whole world," said He'
"Be kind and help the sick and the poor;
When you do it, do it for Me.
When you give in Love your talents and time,
You help to set Me free.

"The lowest slave who helps his brothers
Is truly a Brother to Me.
Those who heal with Love in their hearts
Are really healing Me.
Those who give their life for others
Will live for eternity.

"To all who seek to remember My birth,
Remember My life as well.
Keep My day with Love in your hearts,
And don't forget to tell
All you meet of My Love for them,
Then Love will forever swell."

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