The Most Powerful Word

The Most Powerful Word???
Well, $h!+...

$h!+ may just be the most powerful word in the English language.

You can be $h!+ faced,
$h!+ out of luck, or have $h!+ for brains.

With a little effort, you can get your $h!+ together,
find a place for your $h!+ or decide to $h!+ or get off the pot.

buy $h!+,

sell $h!+,

lose $h!+,

find $h!+,

forget $h!+,

and tell others to eat $h!+.

Some people know their $h!+ while others can't tell
the difference between $h!+ and shineola.

There are lucky $h!+s,

dumb $h!+s,

crazy $h!+s,

and sweet $h!+s.

There is bull $h!+,

chicken $h!+.

and horse $h!+.

You can throw $h!+,

sling $h!+,

catch $h!+,

or duck when $h!+ hits the fan.

You can give a $h!+

or not give a $h!+.

You can find yourself in deep $h!+
or be happier than a pig in $h!+.

Some days are colder than $h!+,
some days are hotter than $h!+,and
some days are just plain $h!+ty.

Some music sounds like $h!+,
things can look like $h!+,and
there are times when you feel like $h!+.

You can have too much $h!+,

the right $h!+,

the wrong $h!+ or

a lot of weird $h!+.

You can carry $h!+, have a mountain of $h!+,

or find yourself up $h!+ creek without a paddle.

Sometimes everything you touch turns to $h!+,
and other times you swim in a lake of $h!+ and come
out smelling like a rose.

When you stop to consider all the facts, it's the
basic building block of creation.

And remember, once you know your $h!+,
you don't need to know anything else!

You could pass this along if you give a $h!+... ; )

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